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Located in the greater Chicago area, we are successfully billing for several integrated chiropractic practices in the Midwest. We are certified chiropractic billers with 25+ years of chiropractic and physical therapy billing experience. We work diligently to collect compensations owed to our clients, allowing them time to focus on patients’ care.



Dr. Andrea Blake is the “Wholistic Health Coach” on an unrelenting mission to heal, empower and restore lives through the healing art of what she has coined as the “HER Method.” Dr. Andrea empowers her community as a tireless advocate, speaker and thought-leading healer. Sharing evidence-based truths with community and international audiences, Dr. Andrea roots for everyone on their journey of natural health increase, standing firm on her driving principle that God has equipped everyone with Life Force Energy. She charges forward to deliver her message that we are born with everything necessary, naturally, to obtain and maintain health for living and functioning at our highest expression. It is the healing of not just bodies, but more critically, mindsets which Dr. Andrea strives for on her journey of servicing humankind.



Soothe yourself with Miel y Canela Homemade Body Care. All products are made from scratch and to serve your self love and care needs.

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A personalized massage therapy service provider. They are a Latina-Owned business and located in the West loop neighborhood of Chicago.



Elena here. I help professional and entrepreneurial women up-level in the areas that contribute most to their bottom line SUCCESS: * Mindset * Empowerment * Self-love
Why? Because long before I had a thriving business, I was broke. I was mentally broke, financially broke, and value broke.
I've had a tough life and have been beaten down and it's been a long road to learn to love myself, trust my abilities and believe in what I'm capable of.
I knew that my potential was so much greater than what I was demonstrating and I knew that everything I COULD do, WOULD do, first started with the beliefs I held in my mind about what was possible.
Day after day I would see people, far less competent than me, create amazing results that FAR surpassed mine - the only thing they had stronger than me, was their belief.
That's exactly who I serve today: professional & entrepreneurial women who are tired of their own BS, tired of feeling stuck in their own self-doubt and overwhelm, and tired of wondering how long it will take to reach their dream life (if ever). They're ready to do the inner work and take responsibility for their own dreams.
Are you ready?

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"If you’ve been injured in a car accident, on the job, or due to someone’s negligence, you might need a personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.

VanDerGinst Law has represented thousands of injury victims and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on their behalf. We refer our patients to VanDerGinst Law to handle their injury cases. When you contact them, mention our name to receive a discount on attorney fees. VanDerGinst Law never charges an attorney fee on injury cases unless they win. Contact them at 844-999-8529."